I started working with Pam in Feb 2016. Having always been a reluctant leader, Pam helped me to "own" being a leader and being comfortable in my own skin. Pam has been kind of a "secret agent" for me. I call upon her during those crisis times when I am not sure where to turn next. She helps me face those emotional vulnerabilities that I would rather ignore. Pam has helped me personally, worked with my team, our management team, and also our department at large. She is adept and accomplished no matter the environment or need. This past year she helped with an intervention that was extremely challenging. She helped to diffuse the tension, help us develop ground rules for communication, and put us back on the path of being able to communicate more frequently and effectively. I am always energized when we chat. Pam is witty and smart and someone I admire greatly.                                                                                          -Melody Fletcher, Accounts Payable Manager, Alliance Data Systems
 Working with Pam over the last six months helped to unravel inner passions, energies and ideas that not only made me a more effective leader, but allowed the discovery of how to lead with "authenticity and style".  During a critical time in my career, Pam helped me to grow significantly both on a professional and on a personal level.  Her coaching style is extremely effective because it draws on her many years of experience as a senior executive in a large corporation, enhanced by three invaluable qualities - wisdom, insight and patience. With patience and insight Pam was able to understand my core values, and with great wisdom she offered guidance and helped charting a path where my energy, skill and experience were used to their fullest to achieve greatness not only for me as a leader, but also for my team and the organization. One of the many important concepts I learned from Pam is that greatness in leadership is not a "zero-sum" game, where "I win and you lose". Instead, is a continuous and altruistic sharing of positive energy that brings the "we always win" perspective to the leader, their team, the organization and the company.  I also learned that recognizing how energy participates in our every interaction helps us understand how to lead ourselves, our life and others with authenticity and clarity of purpose.
                                                                                                -Mihaela Ryer, Senior Geological Advisor at Hess Corporation
Pam’s coaching has been a blessing to me. It is always good to hear her voice, because I know that I will feel better and be better equipped after we talk. Pam asks the right questions to lead me to actions and solutions that are helpful for my organization and for me personally. The coaching sessions and materials provide concrete tools that I use in determining the best ways to work with people. Additionally, there is a sense of encouragement that I’m left with after coaching sessions with Pam. I have come to value her guidance.
                                                                                  - Karen Blessen, Founder and President, 29 Pieces (www.29Pieces.org)
I have worked with Pamela for the last 20 months, in that short time, my leadership skills have grown tremendously, transforming my strategic approaches in every area of my life. It’s fun working with Pamela because she is witty, patient, and pragmatic. She has extensive experience working as an executive in Corporate America and now working closely with corporate leaders at various levels. This is evidence in her great insight, impactful guidance and practical applicable solutions. Truly appreciate everything you continue to do to assist me accomplish my goals and strive to stretch my boundaries. Thank you!                                                                                                                            -Iddah Wangondu, CISSP, CISM, CISA, Senior Manager, Global Audit IT
I trust Pam and the internal integrity she brings to coaching.  Working with her has been a powerfully transformational experience, as I have been moving through several major life transitions.  I've known her for years and feel confidence in both her professional background and personal qualities.  She posses a special combination of quiet presence, authority, and a sense of humor that immediately makes one feel at ease.  I am excited about how my life and the world can change in response to collaborating with her as a coach.
                                                                                                                      - Rebecca Carter, Artist  (www.rebeccacarter.org)