Leadership Development Workshops

Lead2Success Workshops are created to help organizations meet the needs of their workforces. By guiding potential leaders to meet their full potential and inspiring them to align with organizational goals, businesses benefit from their employee’s best and most effective work.

·      Existing workshops are customized for each organization and their audience. 

·      By working closely with client organization, we ensure your needs are met. This includes   messaging, mission and staying within allocated budgets. 

·      We provide practical workshops with actionable takeaways, where participants can immediately apply what they learned to their organizations. 

·      Additional workshops can be created upon request to meet the specific needs of your organization.

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 Workshop Descriptions 

Becoming a Transformational Leader

1 to 1 1/2 days

Self-assessment & 360 assessments. Leaders identify their leadership style & how it affects others. They are introduced to an effective leadership style called "transformational leadership" and given tools to implement it daily.

 How to Lead with   Authenticity & Style

1/2 day

Specifically designed for women leaders to discover their innate leadership skills. Participants determine what makes them great leaders and feel inspired to explore those qualities.

 Energy Leadership

1/2 to 1 day

Leaders identify their energy level and level of engagement at work and determine how they can raise it.  This workshop can include a self-assessment and a 360 assessment.

 Dynamic Communications

 1/2 day

Participants learn how to communicate effectively and in a way that builds relationships.

 Influencing & Engaging  Others

1/2 day

Participants learn how to influence others and raise their level of engagement.

 Conflict Management

1/2 day

Participants learn how to manage conflicts in your professional and personal life in an effective way without damaging relationships.

 Problem Solving

 1/2 day

Participants learn how to solve problems quicker and more effectively by assessing problems in a new way.  

 Productivity & Decision Making

 1/2 day

Leaders acquire tools and strategies that can help them become more productive and make better decisions.

 Building High Energy  Relationships & Teams

 1/2 day

Leaders learn how they can create a high-performance team through relationship building.

 Time Management & Balance

 1/2 day

Leaders learn how to manage their time and balance all aspects of their lives.