Who We Work With

Our programs can benefit a wide variety of leaders from the C-suite through those reentering their career after time away. Discover who we work with and how our unique offerings can benefit their careers, organizations and overall lives.

Executives: Upper management, C-suite leaders and other executives can become leaders that create tangible, positive change in their organizations and their lives. Through one-on-one executive coaching, workshops and more, they can strengthen their core wellbeing. From a strong core comes a clear purpose and focused motivation, which leads to career and personal success and eventually, overall life satisfaction.  

Corporate Reentry: Professionals reentering the workforce after time away, those navigating a career change or those moving into a new industry need careful and specific guidance. Together we work to steer through their major transitions and professional reinventions by reevaluating goals and sense of purpose, and regaining key motivation helping to ensure a successful new future.  

Corporate Teams: Corporate departments, task forces, cross-department groups and more can benefit from our small group coaching, workshops or speaking engagements. They will begin to tap into their authenticity and create success from the group’s clarity of purpose.  

Women in Business: Whether leading an organization from the C-suite, reentering their industry or aspiring to seek balance and greater success, we specialize in addressing and creating effective strategies for the unique challenges of elite women in business. Through individual coaching, speaking and more, they will harness the power of their core strength allowing them to lead others authentically.